Wrong Way Auto-Pilot

October 31st, 2008

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Dammit! That's twice now. It seems every weekend they close down the intersection of 35W and Crosstown to fuck things up differently. Now it's on nearly a daily basis.

On Wednesday, they swapped exits as you go south on 35W. Normally you'd veer to the left to head east on 62 and head to the airport, and stay in the right two lanes to head west. Now it's reversed, if you're in the right-hand lane, it's airport time, baby.

And damned if my morning, no coffee auto-pilot brain didn't do this to me twice in a row. A string of colorful language escapes as I find myself heading east once again to go way the hell out of my way and take 494 back to Hwy 100.

Road Construction, 35W-62 Interchange

October 2nd, 2007

The current state of failure.
Traffic stopper at 35W & 62.
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We drive through this mess each Sunday on our way to brunch. Each week, there's more ripped apart and more orange cones set up. Lately, there's the addition of large vertical steel beams in various locations between 35W south and Highway 62. I speculated that they must be creating a new overpass directly over the current interchange failure.

So what are they doing here? I wasn't too far off in my guess. read more »