Moving really sucks

May 9th, 2006 - 2:05pm by Slye Fox

Man - I'm behind on this blog stuff, huh? As is my most common excuse, I've been quite busy, though. Life's a-changin' again...

After moving from shitsville to the downtown condo a couple of years ago, things were looking up and up. Lots of new friends and a great pad to live. I even pared down my possessions to the bare minimum in anticipation. Keeping only the essentials and dumping everything else is really cathartic. Sometimes however, not all is as it seems (or claims to be) and it only took three months to figure out that situation wasn't going to work. Here's where Joy steps in...

Her and Anne had a place in NE and offered to help me escape. So since everything fit in my Jeep, (mostly), it wasn't so bad. Two days later - I was staying with friends and left the "den of depravity" behind.

Things went well for a long time. Joy and I grew close. We and our roommate hung out lots and did all kinds of fun things together. (See old gallery albums.) One thing led to another and I found myself there well over a year later. A couple living with the lone roommate eventually wears thin, though. As habits went their separate ways and other small issues start to become everyone's focus, tempers flare and bridges are burned. To the point that even Joy and I have decided that we need some time apart. We all looked forward to the end of the lease and moving on.

Through Joy, I've met some really incredible people that I've no doubt will be lifelong friends. As we mature and continue along our life-path, I'd argue our filters for quality relationships mature with us. The people in my life now are the best I've ever known and the strong bonds we share really make a difference in dealing with life's struggles. That's how I see it through my rose-tinted glasses anyway. It's really wonderful to have those that care around for confidentiality, support and good times.

One of those peeps is my friend Mario. After the dispersion of the old living situation, he and I are going to be roommates in a fancy new pad right across the street from my old haunt, Nye's. Mario's got some personal shit going on too, so we'll help each other to see the glass-half-full side of things. However - the new place isn't ready yet. New carpeting and finishing touches are still in progress and two weeks have gone by since we left the old place. Joy has a lot of stuff - so her and I sprung for a storage space for the stuff, and a couple of my things, until we can both call somewhere new home.

I've been living out of my Jeep (there's a commercial in there somewhere) and that's getting old. Today is the day we're supposed to finally get the keys. God, I hope so. Of course tonight, Tuesday, is my busiest night of the week. Tonight's my last chior rehearsal before the concert, Joy and Henry have their Jitters gig (also right across the street from the new pad!), and I'm still at work slaving away. I still haven't heard anything about keys or getting in yet, so we'll see.

Hopefully my next post is about how cool the new place is and how I'm actually in it. Anyway - damn stressful couple of weeks that's resulted in me being behind in my web work. Things'll change soon.

May 13, 2006 - 3:35pm
Vixen says:

You're swell. Thank you for who you are - you make such a difference to those whose lives you touch. Keep it real.