New Stuff on Goobertech

January 21st, 2004 - 9:12pm by Slye Fox

I've added some web-apps to the blog. Now you can see how many people are currently viewing Goobertech and how many have visited total. Of course every time the refresh is used, the hit counter increases anyway. I think it's a cool gimmick, though, so there.

Also check out the new weather banner. It's damn cold in Minneapolis currently, 0 degrees, with a wind chill advisory. That means stay the hell inside cause otherwise the boys'll head north.

On another topic, my Opera browser has suddenly quit erasing it's history of visited links. Not sure yet what I've done to cause this, but it's annoying me. Damn shit that doesn't work right -- frustrating. Sounds like beer time to me. Like Homer said -- "Beer, is there anything it won't fix?"