New Site Host

December 26th, 2003 - 1:36pm by Slye Fox

You may have come here in hopes of finding out about the White Trike or Tredsled. Or maybe you've heard of my fame and notoriety and have decided to become one of my many fans. Well, because of my old webhost, (I won't mention any names such as NA-Host), my site has suddenly disappeared without warning. Seems the assholes are keen to deleted various sites off of their server without giving the owner of the space time to backup any data.

In any case, the site has been deleted and of course with my luck, I've been unable to find my backup disks. So until I spend countless hours getting bedsores on my ass while I redo this entire site, you'll have to bear with me and be patient. Keep in mind I have a day job and it will take a while to be up and running again. At least my new host is more open and hopefully won't be into pissing off their customers for no reason.

For now most of the PPCC site is back up and operational. So check it out if you're bored. Eventually all the links on the left will actually work.

December 3, 2003 - 1:17pm
Brent says:

Hey. It was cool meeting you at Marcel's party. I like your site layout, even if it is based on Moveable type. The whole thing with backups really suck. I keep my site on my local harddrive, and I do a snapshot of my SQL database every week or so. Good luck rewriting the site. Let me know if you want any code snippets from my site. I wrote them all to be portable.