Upgrade to Drupal 5.1 Successful

June 10th, 2007 - 7:33pm by Slye Fox

Here it is -- soon you won't notice any difference between this "new" site and the old one. Maybe you don't notice anything already. Shows how much attention you pay to detail. But here are some clues...

  • This funny symbol [’] has replaced apostrophes in strange places. Other ascii problems emerge every once in a while, too. This has to do with the utf coding of the database. I've found it easier and quicker to fix this by hand when they're found. I'll get 'em all eventually.
    Update -- I think I got 'em all. With the exception of a few entries in the Rabbit's guestbook.
  • The gallery works fine, but things look a little funky for now. This is a simple fix of uploading my custom gallery themes. It's on the "to-do" list next.
    Update -- this is now finished, with some further tweaking to pretty things up a bit (like the Slideshow page).
  • Some other little tidbits have yet to be upgraded, like the links and contact forms. And I still haven't proof-checked all the pages.
    Update -- Done!

Basically I'm just anxious to switch and since the database has successfully been swapped and upgraded (not without much pain and trial and error, mind you), I've gone for bust and made the switch so I don't have to update two sites.