Indian man survives despite consuming no food or water

May 13th, 2010 - 11:08am by Slye Fox

Have you heard of this guy yet? The story is really quite remarkable. Prahlad Jani has been tested before (back in 2003), but has recently emerged unscathed from another battery of tests about a week ago.

Indian doctors held the yogi under strict observation for 15 days, in which the 82 year old man had no nourishment or water the entire time. He claims to have not eaten like this since having a religious experience at age 11.

I have to say - this is pretty incredible. Scientists and doctors are at a loss to explain this and are currently going over the medical tests performed in an attempt to discover Prahlad Jani's mysterious source of sustenance.

Source: 9 News

May 13, 2010 - 11:19am
gwangi says:
May 13, 2010 - 11:28am
Slye Fox says:

Touche, gwangi. I should remember to read the pharyngula more often...

My favorite is Wise Bass's comment:

This same doctor has released the same type of thing back in 2006 and 2003, and (naturally) refuses to allow outside verification.

Here's the money quote:

I asked to be allowed to send an independent team to survey the room where this test is taking place, but I was repeatedly turned down. It is ridiculous to ask people to believe that any man can go 15 days, let alone 70 years, without food or water.

Dr Shah has been in charge of three similar investigations over the past ten years, and he has never allowed independent verification. In 2000, he was asking for funds to investigate a man he claimed got his energy from the sun, just like plants do. In 2003, he even approached NASA for funds to investigate Mr Jani, claiming astronauts might benefit from the research. This particular hospital, led by this particular doctor, keeps on making these claims without ever producing evidence or publishing research.

In other words, this doctor and likely hospital have been promoting this yogi every couple of years, likely in the hopes of earning some money on the side from a gullible government and gullible new-agers.

May 13, 2010 - 11:52am
Tiffiny says:

wow. hard to believe this is real.

May 13, 2010 - 12:02pm
Slye Fox says:

Sadly - it's likely not real, as gwangi points out via the pharyngula blog. Most likely a ruse to scam funds, since the investigating doctor refuses to have outside verification of his "studies".

May 15, 2010 - 8:25am
tallelfnorth says:

Aww, it would've been cool if this were legit. :-/

May 15, 2010 - 8:28am
Doug says: