Dude - where're my keys?

May 1st, 2010 - 4:48pm by Slye Fox

Here's a fun story...

Yesterday Patrick, Crystal, and I helped Jessica move into her new apartment, and I drove the U-Haul. After we had loaded it up with all her stuff, I went to start it up. My brain must've been on vacation, because not only did I spend two minutes trying to figure out why my car key wouldn't go all the way into the ignition, I also drove to the wrong address first after having just been told it. Anyway, after realizing what a dunce I was for using the wrong key, I tossed my car key into the truck console.

After emptying the moving truck, we dropped it off and went out for pizza and beer. Jessica dropped me off at my car and then I realized my key was still in the truck. Dammitall! So we went back to the rental place only to learn the truck was all ready re-rented, (being the 30th at the end of the month when everybody's moving). A call to the renter ended with a voicemail left to please look for the key. I had to bike into work that night on my brother's heavy-as-shit bike because my fancy bike had a flat and I had no repair kit. Commence the comedy of errors...

I awoke way too early (after working until 3:30), at 7am promptly to try and catch the truck before it was re-rented again since it was supposed to have been returned during the night. The chick I talked to didn't know anything about it and put me on hold to go check. 10 minutes go by while I'm inwardly thanking the doofass working the prior day for making such a clear note to look for my key (feel my sarcasm?). Then my call drops. Thanks AT&fuckingT! Goddamn iPhone service has been dropping nearly every other call lately. When I call back, I can't get through because they're busy now. Two hours later, I finally get through to find out the same truck is once again out for rental. No one knows anything about my key. Great. Just fucking great.

In the mean time, I'm hunting everywhere for the spare I know I have somewhere, but of course now can't find. Then I find one key that I think might be the trunk key, but figure it's worth a try. So we drive over only to find that the key does nothing. Maybe it's for the glovebox or something, maybe it's for a different car, maybe it exists to taunt me - I don't know.

Now I'm on the phone with Steve's Tire & Auto who put new lock cylinders in my car a few months ago, hoping that maybe they can look something up and order a key for me. The guy there is very helpful and although doesn't have a solution, offers a number of options from working with the dealer to hiring a locksmith. Sarah knows a locksmith she worked for briefly, so we call him and he quotes $85 to break into my car, re-key the cylinder, and provide a new key. Not too bad really considering he'd be coming from Lauderdale. The next best locksmith quote was $140. And the dealer was even less helpful insisting that my car didn't have Immobiliser and basically refused to help after being told he was wrong.

So now, being prepared to waste nearly a hundred bucks on my own stupidity, I took one last look for that spare key. I have a box full of old keys, (I never throw them out knowing that the one time I find something locked one of the keys will probably open it). Amongst them was a Volkswagen valet key. Not the same one I used to use though, so I don't know where this one came from, but shit - worth a try.

So we drove over to the car and this time discover the magic key opens the door and starts the car. Success! But now I'll have to order a new key from the dealer with the electronic do-hickey in it just in case that stupid Immobiliser ever acts up again.

May 1, 2010 - 9:46pm
lisianthia says:

Ugh. I hope you can still find your original at U-Haul.

May 2, 2010 - 7:39am
tallelfnorth says: