Minneapolis Water Tower Project

May 1st, 2010 - 4:22pm by Slye Fox

Have you seen this? It's brilliant! This is the water tower on top the old Ford building overlooking the new Target Field. Watch the video, they're working to make it "watch" the game and be happy when the Twins do well and frown when the opposing team does.

- click to watch the video -

From Laser Bread's Flickr:

This is the water tower on top of the building where I work. Several months back I was asked to come up with some concepts for the water tower. Eventually looking to projection, as it was the most economical medium and ideal for keeping the historic tower in it's natural state. This tower faces the new Target Field Stadium, which just opened and is the new home of the Minnesota Twins. Several other projection ideas currently in the works, but this simple face has been the clear favorite so far as it brings to life the structure itself allowing it to complete the overall look of the character. Currently, we're working to have the face react in realtime to the games in the stadium. If the team wins, the tower cheers, if they lose, it cries.