Site updates

April 2nd, 2010 - 3:17pm by Slye Fox

I'm so behind in all this blogging business lately. I needs more motivation to give a shit about it, anyway...

I'm rather proud of myself for learning a bit more Drupal wizardry and making it work on my site. First and foremost, I've cleaned up some code and made things run a bit more smoothly. Especially in serving up the index.php code on a first visit. Much of this was done by more cleverly incorporating the js script calls into a common pull instead of directly putting them in the page header. And now you'll notice cute little roundy facebook like corners on the album thumbnails all accomplished with a neat little javascript file. :)

Also complete are mods to the Livejournal crossposter module to automatically figure out if a link is internal or external and add the relevant "" part if it's needed. Before, I had to edit each live journal entry by hand to include that bit so images and links worked. Now the crossposter does it automatically for me.