Wrong way to meet the neighbors...

January 20th, 2010 - 11:49am by Slye Fox

Sarah and I were watching a movie last night, ("Off the Map", which I highly recommend), when we started hearing a plethora of sirens pass by on Chicago Ave. I noticed that they seemed to be stopping near by and went up to peek out the window. Sure enough, the end of the block was lit up like a Christmas tree with cops and firetrucks. And I could see thick billows of dark smoke rolling across the street. "Holy shit," I thought, "Someone's house is on fire!"

After throwing on a jacket, we walked out into the closed off street with the rest of the gawking neighbors to see what was going on. It was clear that the apartment building at the end of the block was the source of the smoke (which was thick, black, and dense at this point). One of the guys who lived in the building said he had seen what'd happened, and after giving a report to the police related the story to us.

Apparently the Angry Guy* had been evicted yesterday and was extra angry. So he started an abandoned car on fire that was parked between the apartment building and the garage. From there, the fire quickly spread to the garage and gutted it before the firefighters could quell the blaze.

* Angry Guy is the last of the weirdos on our block. After the crack whore was evicted, it had been relatively quiet on our block. But every now and then I hear the Angry Guy walk past the front of the Manfort yelling at himself and the world in general as he passes. I knew that Angry Guy lived in the apartment building at the end of the block and often saw him pacing on the sidewalk across from the bus stop yelling at passing cars, himself, and anything else that approached in a pretty incoherent fashion about who knows what. I just chalked him up as one of our local loonies. According to a neighbor, he'd been in a mental hospital for a number of months this last Fall/Winter and had recently been released only to upgrade to local arsonist.

After most of the police and firemen left, we made sure that the neighbors could return to their building and went back in to warm up and finish our movie. I guess we won't have to worry about mister Angry-Pants Guy anymore. Like Dr. Buddy Rydell says, "Repeat after me, goosefraba..."