Getting animated about new movies and some history.

September 17th, 2009 - 10:20pm by Slye Fox

Yesterday, I joined a friend at the Roseville theater to see a matinee of 9. It was pretty awesome. Great Burton-esque visuals and rather steam-punkish in its mechanics. The only gripe I have is the apparent need to make it kid friendly by having all the "ghosts" of all the dead robots(?) go to "heaven" at the end. A more adult version of the movie would have been more brilliant given the premise the movie started with. But whatever... I enjoyed it and even jumped at a sudden action sequence -- much to my friend's delight.

Afterward, we went to the new (well new to me), Granite City Brewery for a drink. I like the place -- even have a membership there from when I worked next to the one in Hopkins. We sat down at the bar to wait for a table outside and the bartender took my order for their home stout. A good beer. I noticed the bartender sure looked familiar.

I've always had a penchant for faces, but forget names immediately. This time however, his name popped right into my head and I thought, "It can't be, really!?" He brought my tab and my suspicions were confirmed, on the bill was clearly printed, "Server: Cxxxxxxxx" (I'll not divulge his name cause I'm not trying to be an asshole.)

And then I was quite surprised by the level of emotion that flooded back into me. You see, my ex-wife and he supposedly had something going on before she moved to Madison for law school. Those of you who'll see this on Facebook will recognize immediately who I mean when I say he worked at Perkins back in the day and was someone I thought was my friend.

He recognized me too and I reintroduced myself, shook his hand, paid my bill, and promptly moved away to sit outside. It's all good -- really, this was all 10 years ago and all three of us have greatly different divergent lives that are nothing like they were back then. I guess I was just surprised by the nerve tingling that the memories brought back. Suffice to say I probably won't be heading back to the Roseville GCB any time soon. (And by the way -- HOLY SHIT has Rosedale changed since I worked there 10 years ago. I didn't recognize anything.) Anyway...

I'll end by saying the best part of the night was seeing the trailer for Wes Anderson's new Fantistic Mr. Fox. I'm so excited to see it, the previews were stellar!