DJ Frodo spotted at Toms Shoes benefit

August 20th, 2009 - 12:50am by Slye Fox

*frodo as dj

So Danielle is on a Target shopping trip in LA and hitting up a bit of the high life by attending a Toms Shoes benefit with her coworkers. She snapped a pic and we had the following exchange:

D: omg elijah woods is here! he is so little! thought u'd appreciate that! =) hope i didn't wake u. still didn't eat only drank margaritas uggg...

me: Short and huge eyes. :) the boys are asleep, not me

D: oh sorry. hope u get some rest. cheech maron is here too. this is a fun event we stumbled on. tom shoes. bought some & supported children in other countries who don't have any

me: That's really cool! Let me know when you spot Uma Thurman or Scarlett Johanson. ;)

D: hahaha... ok =)

So we'll see -- maybe my secret paparazzi will snap a few other celeb shots.

* Elijah is the one by the DJ holding the water bottle.