Google voice premiers and I have a new phone number

July 7th, 2009 - 11:13am by Slye Fox

Google voice has been sending out new invites to try their new free voice plan. After picking out a new number (you only get to choose your area code), Google verifies your phone and you're set. Now when a person calls the new number, it forwards to any number of phones you specify (just my cell phone in this case). If it goes to voicemail, Google voice records and transcribes the message which is then emailed and texted to you. The cool part of this is a continual online backup of all phone calls and voicemails. Also, annoying numbers can be added to the Spam list and are then not forwarded through. :)

So I called my friend, Toni, and we tried a little experiment. I had her call me and left it go to voicemail. The call forwarded just fine and soon the following message popped up in Google voice:

The message left was, "Hey Ryan, it's Toni. Call me, I'm so sure." So clearly the whole transcription business is a less than stellar gimmick, but it records the message as an mp3. You can then play it back on your computer or on your phone. Maybe the transcriber will evolve and get better - as it would be a cool feature to have visual voicemail like the iPhones (end maybe visual voicemail doesn't work any better on those either).