Moving on long after the battle

June 8th, 2009 - 9:58pm by Mom

Kevin had his final battery of tests and assessments at Children's last week. The beasties remain conquered in their remission prison. The cardiac tests revealed slight deterioration with the valves since the last tests, but no cause for worry at this point. The pulmonary tests showed inflammation and areas of mucus pockets plugging the airways -- common occurrence with his restrictive lung disease from the radiation scarring -- so he was started on an antibiotic to help clear it up. The chronic cough he has had ever since home from SJU is starting to subside somewhat.

Saying good-by to everyone at Children's was like saying good-by to family. They were so instrumental in making this CA journey over the past 4 years endurable. Their supportive and positive outlooks and pleasant attitudes have brightened many dark days. Now the baton will be passed to Abbott. The follow-up tests/scans will continue every 6 months for a time, but since the beasties are in submission, this will be the final chapter of the journal updates.

Kevin is getting on with his life -- with his senior year coming up at SJU. He is busy this summer with working and volunteering. He'll be leaving soon for about a month in Montana attending Camp-Make-A-Dream first at a camper, then as a volunteer for the teen camp. He will also be volunteering at another cancer camp -- Camp Jordain -- later this summer. Life is back to normal -- as it should be!