Minnesota Aids Walk

May 21st, 2009 - 11:49am by Slye Fox

Danielle and I did the Aids walk last Sunday. The route along both sides of the Mississippi River was just over 6 miles. Bubba came along, but Sid has a built in limit of about 2 miles before he drops and says no more. So I took Kari's dog Snickers instead (I was still watching he and Gizmo for the weekend). Snickers didn't know what to do with himself with so many people and other dogs around. Talk about excitement overload. After the first few miles he calmed down and concentrated on moving forward, though.

Everyone who walks raises money for the fundraiser and earns the right to walk. In our case, Target sponsored our inclusion and we wore the tell tale red T-shirts. Even the two dogs were given red Target bandanas to wear. :) Free snacks, beautiful weather, and tons of encouraging volunteers along the way made for a great way to spend the afternoon supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Starting off down the road.

Bubba and Snickers strut their stuff.