Jon -vs- Joe Arpaio

March 25th, 2009 - 2:57pm by Slye Fox

Shaun Attwood, aka Jon

Lately I've been pouring through Shaun's Jon's Jail Journal blog. Partly because it's akin to our own Badger Blog, and partly because I'm fascinated by such stories of survival. This one is of Shaun Attwood, a former resident of both the notorious jail run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and then one of the two Ultra-max prisons in Arizona. Shaun was sentenced with a relatively minor drug charge and survived deplorable conditions while under Arpaio's care.

Sheriff Joe, known as "the toughest sheriff in America" and glorified by the media, started the fad of demeaning prisoners by making them pink underwear, socks, and shirts. You may have heard of this as many news stations have reported the story. Whatever your position on the right or wrong of that, Arpaio is guilty of far worse crimes and continues to rule his roost unchallenged. A read through Shaun's account of his jail time quickly shows this. I'd recommend starting at the beginning of Shaun's journal and reading through. He really is a fine writer in accounting his tale from as unbiased opinion as one could possibly hope for in such conditions. Otherwise, read the abridged version of the jail time in Hell on Earth.

I'm not going to propose I have a solution for dealing with our social miscreants, but after reading about the atrocities Sheriff Joe has committed, it sickens me that such non-humanity exists. I know it's just one of many horrific things out there, but this fuckhead continues to be carried by the media, gain the support of his constituents, and then be re-elected. Twice! What the hell is wrong with these people?