Look Around You - Have you worked out what we're looking for yet?

March 10th, 2009 - 10:46am by Slye Fox
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That's right, it's the best thing Adult Swim has offered up since the Venture Brothers. Creators, Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz, have created a dozen 10 minute sketches of this BBC comedy and I think it's pure brilliance. Both seasons are available on DVD (although not on Netflix yet).

Look Around You is a satire of early 80's educational shorts and nails them perfectly on the head. I'm fondest of the first season's style where the narrator talks us though the silliness as "scientists" conduct experiments on the various episodes' subject matter. Examples are Iron, Maths, and Ghosts. Make sure to write that in your copy books. ;)

Medibot enjoys eating tens and thousands.

In the second season, the format changes a bit and the hosts interact with various experts in areas such as Health, Computers, and Food. Many wonderfully retarded characters are introduced. Like Medibot that takes urine samples and conducts cosmetic surgery. Or high tech computer games like Diarrhea Dan, which you can play for yourself below. :)

Here're the episodes. Watch 'em:

Season One

Pilot Episode: Calcium, part 1 and Calcium, part 2

Season Two

Not all of the Season Two episodes are on youtube, but here's a sample...

  • Food
  • Computers
  • "Live" Inventor of the Year Final

And the official BBC website. It's chock full of fun quizzes and facts.

Then play the fantastic game from the Computers episode:

Use the arrow keys to move back and forth, space bar to jump, press the up arrow to select a toilet. Collect enough toilet paper and find the correct toilet to help Dan find relief.

March 12, 2009 - 9:23am
Betsy Miller says:

Go Ryan! Get the word out! By the way, the ones not on YouTube aren't that great. Food has some pretty funny bits, but my favorites are still Health and Iron.