Last letter from the clink!

November 25th, 2008 - 1:32pm by Badger

Well, last letter from the clink! Glad to hear you're being considered for salary and promotion. Looks like things are once again rolling well for you. I hope that if the art doesn't pay off I can get a job with bosses like yours -- they seem to treat you extremely well.

Hopefully I won't need to go that route for very long. I would really like to be able to make a living doing something creative. I definitely want to check into a tattoo apprenticeship. I've been drawing a lot of extremely popular flash here. With some schooling and know how -- I could be successful doing something like that.

I'm also glad to hear things are going well for you for somewhat selfish reasons. I definitely need you and Kevin out there as contact points for stability purposes. I've made the transition from jail to street life before, and it's always something of a shock. But this time will be many times greater. Except for 4 days in 2004, I've been caged for 69 months, spread between various county jails and prison. Not only has a lot changed and new ways of interaction, slang, fashion, and thought patterns evolved, but I'm getting out into a larger new city and have passed from the college age St. Cloud mind set to actual adulthood.

5+ years of incarceration also does quite a bit to a person's outlook on life and the way they make decisions. The BoP doesn't want you to make any decision greater than which one the 3 brands of shampoo should I buy off commissary. I haven't cooked non-microwaveable food since 2003. I haven't done my own laundry or done household chores for longer than that. I wouldn't say it's been a pampered lifestyle, but it's definitely sequestered. There is not much opportunity for your head to make the ever popular excursion up Anus Cavern when you're told what to do for this long.

It will definitely be a help to have you and Kevin there to help keep my head where it belongs when I get stressed. Even duct tape and chain it if necessary. Then of course there's just the help with shit like networking and even just grocery shopping. You can't believe how much I want to eat food that has actual consistency. I'm about fed up with the denture friendly, eat your meal through a straw crap they serve inside.

So anyway, what I'm trying to say is I appreciate in advance all the help and stuff I'm probably going to end up putting you through before I get back on my feet. Of course, it always is a plus when you can get out of prison in the middle of a recession with 4 felonies on your record. Hopefully Prez Obama (Yeah!) can do something about the recession part of it. You wouldn't believe the reactions of most of the inmates in here when he won. I half expected most of the guys to be at the front fence the next morning, bags packed, pardon papers pending the way most of them were talking. I expect him to do a lot of good things, but let's be realistic, it's gonna take some time, and he's definitely not just going to open wide the gates of the prisons.

Speaking of prisons, I'm not sure how much Mom's told you about the virtual paradise I'm lavishing in for the last few months of my incarceration. Engelwood was built in 1938, so it's pretty rundown and in perpetual disrepair. (The sewer main has broken twice since I've been here.) The amenities definitely make up for it though. If you have to be in prison, this is definitely one of the better ones. Rec offers an indoor and outdoor gym with both free and machine weights. Tennis, volleyball, football, softball, boccie, etc. The hobby shop has ceramics, pottery wheels, air brushing, painting, and leather. Education has CAD drawing classes, business computer, and Rosetta Stone language programs.The guards are of the medium security mentality, hence 90% less Mickey Mouse power-trip bullshit. I wish this move would have happened years ago, even though it would have meant less or no visits. We are right outside Denver on the foothill side, so there is a view of at least some mountains. And the weather -- it's almost Thanksgiving and I'm still running around without a shirt for half the day!