Birthday week and things to come.

September 19th, 2008 - 3:23am by Rabbit

Greetings again! I know many of you were eagerly awaiting the next update from my journey down under. I'm sad to report nothing exciting has happened though. The past two weeks have been a week of birthdays (check the pictures). For Al's 21st, we rented a bus that brought us bar-hopping all around Perth. Next we have Tiffany's 21st where we went out to eat pizza at a nice restaurant then headed over to a Irish pub for some fresh Guinness. Then we have Nicole's 20th birthday. For her, we went out to eat at a Mexican place for nachos then headed towards a bar that had a live band. Lastly, we had Brianne's 20th. We held a surprise party for her in a private room at a club. All-in-in the past two weeks have been very fun! We're out of birthday's now until mid October when we have about 10!

Besides birthday, everything is going as well as it could be. The job I have at the movie theatre is extremely easy. I'm getting paid $20/hr to serve a customer every 5-15 minutes and once in a while pick up some trash. The theatre is tiny compared to what I'm used to working at and they are always overstaffed so we spend most of our time playing Uno and talking. The coworkers are really fun. Almost all of them are younger than me. Most of the managers are around my age, so I relate well with them.

Tonight we have a school formal ball. I'm going with 2 managers from work and one managers sister. Lots of the other people I came here with are going as a big group. I'm looking forward to spending some time with people who I didn't come here with so I can meet some new people. It is a formal event, so I had to rent a suit and everything. One of my friends actually works at the place I rented from, so I got the whole suit package for half price! I'll be sure to tell you how the ball went in another post.

School has been a little crazy lately. We're just approaching mid-terms, so I had an essay to write in nearly every class. Most of them were do this week or next. However, next week we're going to Broome to live with an aboriginal family for a week. So all my homework from next week had to be turned in this week as well. It seems crazy to think school is already halfway over!

Like I just said, next week I'm going to Broome to live with some aboriginals. From my understanding, it's basically just a big camping trip. We're living in tents and don't really have an agenda while we're there, we just play it by ear. I hear it's a lot of fun though, plus Broome is up North so it's actually HOT there! (it's weird to think that going North means its warmer) Maybe I'll get to go swimming for the first time this trip, or at least get a tan. I'll be sure to talk about it when I come back.

After the Broom trip, we have spring break for a week. I'm not doing anything for spring break, I plan just to relax and pick up a few hours at the job and try to get a head start on some homework. It'll be nice having 2 weeks off from school where I can just relax and enjoy it. In the downtime I have, I started playing guitar again. Someone is volunteering at a nursing home and someone there gave him a guitar for us to use, so it's being passed around the dorm. I didn't play much in college or the latter end of high-school so it feels good to start playing again. So far I've learned Blackbird by The Beatles and Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Both are really fun! I'm not used to playing on an acoustic either, so a change is nice. If you have any recommendations for songs I should learn, let me know!

All in all, everything is going great. I'm so glad I've come here and experienced all I have so far. In weeks to come, I should have more events happening and more things to talk about. Stay tuned and be sure to check the pictures!