Mah 'lectricities are back to working order. :)

August 26th, 2008 - 10:07pm by Slye Fox

Excel linemen replacing my service line.

Nearly two months ago (right after the fourth of July weekend), my electricity in the manfort started acting wonky. Overnight, half the house quit working. No reason -- just quit. So everything in the basement and the kitchen had no electricity, but the outlets on the other side of the place still worked. A quick trip to the electrical box confirmed that none of the breakers were flipped. Hmm?

So I call Jon up and he gets an electrician over. Of course while the electrician was here, everything miraculously started working again. Great. And then the next day it quit working again. Seriously, some timing right?

And now the weird part. If I ran the dryer, the electricity would start to work so long as the dryer motor was running. As soon as the cycle quit -- off went half the electrical again. How convenient. So the electrician said that he couldn't find anything wrong and suspected the service from the transformer on the pole out back. In other words, Excel Energy's problem. So we put in the call on July 14th.

Transformers aren't nearly as exciting in real life.

Since then, I'd had half a dozen extension cords strewn about to run the fridge, TV, extra lights, etc... I was getting used to it, but it was still awfully inconvenient to half to unplug the fridge to run the microwave or oven.

Today, they finally came out and fixed it. In fact two trucks came out for the same job. Apparently the keywords for immediate service are: "I have an outage", not "half my electricity isn't working for some reason and I need it checked out." Okay lesson learned. Anyway...

The problem was the effin' Mulberry tree (big-ass weed) that occupies the rear corner of my lot. The service line runs right through it and two of the trunks were rubbing against it every time the wind blew. The lineman showed the cord after they pulled it down. One of the 110 legs was completely worn through and fried. The ground was broken in about 10 places and only the remaining leg was supporting the line and providing electricity. No wonder things were wonky!

See the dryer was the only 230V appliance. When I ran it, it pulled enough amps through the remaining leg to back-drive the other one powering up the broken circuits. Then when the motor shut off, things went back to not working again. (There must have been just a bit of the broken leg left when the electrician came out originally.)

So whatever -- it's been fixed and all is back to normal. :) I was happy to put all those extension cords back away and set the clock on my microwave again.