Torch Theater Presents: "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

August 26th, 2008 - 12:45pm by Slye Fox

Last night, some friends and I went to see the show at the Garage Theater, aka "the Torch Theater Company". I've walked by the building on the corner of Franklin and Lyndale many many times, but had never been inside. It used to be an auto repair shop that someone bought and converted into a large open stage back in the 80's.

We sat down with a sold to capacity audience after paying our "pay-what-you-can" donation. Tickets were normally $30. I saw most people hand a five over. I gave ten. And best of all, the cocktails were sold the same way. :) High shelf drinks for a few dollar bills and then free during intermission. Yay!

The show itself was very funny. Based on the old movie of the same name, the play was a spoof that over-dramatized the acting and stayed pretty close to the original plot:

Based on the cult classic thriller, Jane & Blanche Hudson, both aging actresses, share a rotting Los Angeles mansion. Jane, once a vaudevillian headliner, has seen her career wane while her sister's star soared. A devastating car crash -- blamed on a drunken, green-eyed Jane -- leaves Blanche wheelchair-bound and dependent on her sister. The increasingly psychotic Jane seizes the chance to settle the score and plot her showbiz comeback. But certain people are getting in her way...

Stacia Rice played Jane Hudson and gave us a range of facial expressions to rival Jim Carrey. Her part required such a seriousness that I can't imagine how she was able to keep a straight face. (Although we roared with laughter when even she lost it once and had to turn away for a smile. Much like the infamous Debbie Downer skit from SNL.)

Craig Johnson played the part of Blanche Hudson and was no less brilliant. His dramatic voice and mannerisms were delivered with perfect timing and provided a belly full of laughs throughout the show.

All in all a great evening of fun and a great performance. It's still playing this weekend, so if you're in the mood to bust a gut chuckling, I highly recommend you go see the show. :)

August 26, 2008 - 1:56pm
Tiffiny says:

oooh crazy wheelchair lady! must see!