A quick chat with the Rabbit about the deadly Aussie critters

August 4th, 2008 - 11:56am by Slye Fox

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11:27am -- Ryan: you been bitten by anything poisonous yet?

11:27am -- Kevin: Not many poisonous things in the city.

Although, supposedly jellyfish are abundant in the beaches.

11:28am -- Ryan: Sure -- I thought all the animals there were venomous.

you know birds and pigeons with fangs

11:28am -- Kevin: Yeah, I've seen them.

11:28am -- Ryan: and don't forget the flying herds of killer sting rays

11:28am -- Kevin: I carry around a tennis racket just in case.

11:28am -- Ryan: good plan. lol

11:29am -- Kevin: I'm off to bed though, have class in the morning.

11:30am -- Ryan: K -- don't forget your Ray Repellent. later