Snoring Sid wakes the dead (or at least me)

July 17th, 2008 - 11:51am by Slye Fox
Tags: mp3 Sid snoring

I'm sure we all know that pugs snort, grunt, and snore. But Sid is actually pretty quiet in comparison to his mates. You see he had a little nip and tuck operation when he lost his boys. Thus opening his airways a bit and helping him breathe better.

But sometimes he's loud as hell anyway. Last night certainly qualified -- maybe it was the heat. I must've woke up at least 4 times to the sound of "snorRRRRRR... snorrrrRRRRR..." In which case it was a sharp smack on the wall to wake the poor little guy up and then hope I fell back asleep first. But of course, that plan never works. The snorer always manages to nod off before the victim.

While Sid snored away straight through to morning, I captured a bit of it with the voice recorder in my phone. Just so you can enjoy it to. :) Listen below...