Off to Australia

July 14th, 2008 - 9:28pm by Mom

The countdown is on for the much anticipated study abroad to Australia. Kevin leaves this Friday and won't be back until Dec. 9th. It is a challenge trying to cram 6 months worth of living into one suitcase and keep it under 50 lbs--thanks to the wonderful new rules/regulations the happy little airlines have created in the last few months.

Kevin had all of his heart, lung, and cancer scans/tests on July 3rd, and everything was clear!!! He has been in remission now for 1 year--he will be tested again when he comes back in Dec. He just received more immunizations and had more teeth fixed, so should be good to go. He will be posting some blogs from Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji Islands throughout the next months so everyone can keep up with his adventures.

Kevin’s friend, Heidi, whose brain cancer has returned for the 3rd time, is facing surgery on the l6th. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She has more then put in her time battling the beasties and deserves some good vibes coming her way. Enjoy the rest of the summer--don't waste a moment!