CONvergence 2008 wrap-up

July 7th, 2008 - 7:27pm by Slye Fox

Connie is the official
CONvergence mascot.

Okay - the influx of today's traffic peeking at the goober-pics from this last weekend need no introduction. But the rest of you might. A "Con" is the term attached to various conventions or gatherings where likeminded people "converge" in one area and geek out to their particular fetish. Dragoncon and Comic-con are a couple of popular examples.

I've somehow remained blissfully ignorant of all this and since high-school have more or less abandoned my nerdlike demeanor, (although that might be hard to argue). Regardless, having no other plans for Independence Day, I followed my friend, Geoff's, advice and attended CONvergence. This year was special because it was the 10 year anniversary of said Con and an extra day was added. So four days of geeking out and swilling alcohol -- sounded like a fine time to me! :)

A few friends joined me and our posse hung out for most of the time. I was dually impressed with the level of effort that went behind the various party suites and costumes. It was like a four day Halloween party with the "trick-or-treats" being colorful shots of god knows what. :) :) Here are a few highlights that I enjoyed:

  • Nearly naked Leeloos dancing. (Don't make me explain why The Fifth Element is such a great movie.) Leeloo is hot -- 'nuff said.
  • Listening to a Globalization of Hollywood panel that was very "behind the scenes" and interesting from the people who do movies for a living.
  • Getting a crumpet painted on my head in the Space Lounge and raving out after a little too much "Zombie Snot" and Guinness.
  • All of the themed parties!
  • Hanging out with old and new friends. Woot to Kari, Karl, Crystal, Tiff, and Pants.
  • Chilling with the Freshwater Chapter of Team Zissou firsthand.
  • Stripper pole in the Romulon Consulate with real naked aliens. Beer -n- Boobs!
  • The incredible elaborateness of the costumes people wore. Obviously, peeps consider this a big deal and spend a lot of time working on their outfits.

Truly people -- it was a brilliant time well worth the $65 fee. I'll definitely be going next year and am anticipating the opportunity to create a kick-ass costume for it.

Check out all the pics*

*sorry for all the blurry pics from the first day. I only realized that the damn MF/AF button on my camera lens was set to Manual Focus on Saturday. :( Still lotsa great pics though!

July 8, 2008 - 1:25pm
Slye Fox says:

Googlebots + Drupal = awesomeness.

It took less than 24 hours and already, "CVG2008 photos" leads to goobertech at 4th place. Thanks to the keyword module and hourly googlebot visits. :)

Also - check out the updated CONvergence site. It's been converted to Drupal 6. Woot!

July 9, 2008 - 5:00am
Slye Fox says:

Here's the best edited video I've seen so far on CVG2008:

Convergence 2008
Uploaded by WeirdMinnesota

From Dailymotion/WeirdMinnesota:

Video summary of Convergence 2008 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Featuring purplelirpa as Leeloo. Music by 9VoltRevolt used with permission.