Sunburn and Molting

June 30th, 2008 - 5:08pm by Slye Fox

See this little guy with his skin coming off in sheets? It's pretty much how my head looks right now. Just replace green with red. Tell you what -- sunburn isn't much fun when you're bald.

I got a little too much sun this last week. Not intentionally, it's just how it worked out. Today I'm sitting in my office at work and scratch my noggin. I get a handful of dead skin. That's nice, I think. I make my way to the men's room to survey the damage. It looks like someone lathered my head in Elmer's glue and it's starting to peel away now. Pretty picture I've formed for you I'm sure.

So home I go to use a mixture of razoring, loofah, and sand-soap to rub my head raw. That oughta be fun... Damn German/Scottish heritage, turns into a lobster in the sun skin.