Eye Candy Fashion Show

June 12th, 2008 - 1:35pm by Slye Fox

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A couple of years ago, my good friend Henry's son, Cameron, was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor in his head. Dubbed "the peach", Henry and Cameron survived one hell of an ordeal that involved extensive surgery to remove 95% of the tumor and months of chemotherapy to battle the remainder.

Read more about Cameron in Brain Candy Magazine
or find his blog here.

Cameron, who recently turned 13, has been quite the trooper. After his surgery, the recovery was a very steep hill that he surmounted and surpassed. Despite his amazing journey, however, Cameron's tumor has grown back. This time the growth is too extensive for surgery to be an option. Regardless of his diagnosis, Cameron maintains a positive outlook and continues against odds to battle his head's intruder. He is really a remarkable young man.

Throughout this ordeal, Henry has spent many a night by Cameron's side, sleeping in hospital chairs, showering in the hospital bathrooms, and dining on the hospital food. He came to realize that he was hardly the only one living in these conditions and decided to do something about it. In order to help parents as they help their children, Henry founded the non-profit charity, the Brian Candy Project. It's a wonderful concept.

In the near future, the Brain Candy Project will benefit from the Eye Candy Fashion Show on June 24th. So mark your calendar and spend a fun evening meeting wonderful people and enjoying the latest trends in fashion.