Pug Perch

April 26th, 2008 - 8:03am by Slye Fox
Tags: project pug Sid

One of Sid's favorite treats is when I open the front window so he can bark at everything that goes by. Pedestrian, car, bus, squirrel -- it doesn't really matter, Sid doesn't discriminate. All get a dose of "guess who's boss" via the doggie vocals.

He used to do this by chilling on the back of the loveseat where he's at an adequate height to peek out the window. But there's a new sheriff in town and Sid is no longer allowed on the furniture. (He was really ripping the hell out of things by jumping about and digging in with his claws.) The new doctrine is actually going quite well, thank you very much. Despite his usual activities (eating rocks and growling at dust balls in the corner), I'm suspicious Sid might actually have a small brain.

So, since the couch is out, I've gone and made him a collapsible shelf to hang out on when the window is open. He loves it. We've dubbed it the "Pug Perch". Beware all ye who walk by our sidewalk. You'll get a fierce barking at from the other side of the glass. That'll show ya.