Twitter updated with Facebook and Aggregating on Goobertech

April 23rd, 2008 - 3:42pm by Slye Fox

Got all that? It took a fair amount of effort to make it all come together.

My Live Twitter Feed

If you're uninformed, Twitter is a social networking site with the sole purpose of creating a list of status updates (like Facebook), or maybe some of you are still stuck with Myspace's version. Anyway -- the potential for niftiness with Twitter exceeds all and so I've begun my plunge into its depths.

Here are the steps I took:

  • After creating my Twitter account, I themed the page accordingly.
  • I downloaded Twitterbook 2 and followed the directions to make my Facebook status automagically update my Twitter status. (Too bad that script doesn't work in reverse. If I update Twitter -- via phone, for example -- it won't update Facebook.)
  • I created a new cron link on my site to run every fifteen minutes which will run the script to check Facebook and update Twitter.
  • Added the Aggregation module to my Drupal install and set it up.
  • Created the drupal-view that's linked above and voila! Live Twitter feeds on Goobertech via RSS.

The really neato part of this is that the aggregation module actually turns the feed into nodes, so comments and archiving are done the same way everything else is.

Check in again, I'll be tweaking the style of the Feed page for awhile me thinks.