Mimi Smartypants tells the World

April 7th, 2008 - 8:19pm by Slye Fox
Tags: blog books review

Mimi's is another blog I started reading years ago. Her style and format are completely unique and even though a little dated (code-wise), that too has become part of her style. Careful! You've been warned -- if you visit the Smartypants blog, you'll be trapped for hours. You'll say, "just one more entry, then I'll go to bed..." And then it'll be 4 in the morning.

Her book is just like that. I'm currently half way through and that's because I stayed up half the night unable to put it down. The book is candid and brilliantly humorous. She'll make you laugh at things we shouldn't (even if you feel guilty about it), because we've all commiserated about the same things and she words it such that you can't help it. I haven't laughed so hard while reading a book since the last David Sedaris collection.

In her blog, Mimi Smartypants has gone from single Chicago bar hopper to adoptive mother of Nora. Regardless, the wit remains. It really doesn't matter what Mimi ruminates about -- you'll love it anyway and ask for more.

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* but recall my warning.:)