Late night drug deals no more

April 4th, 2008 - 4:06pm by Slye Fox

How'd you'd like to have
her as your neighbor?

Yay -- the druggies and crack-whores have been evicted!

As Kari, Bob and I left for piano bar night, we noticed a cop car, a tow truck, and a flat bed truck across the street. A week earlier, I'd noticed a green eviction notice taped to the front door by the "Minneapolis Inspection Department".

Not that I harbored any ill will against my ever-drama-causing neighbors, it's just that I won't miss the constant barrage of heavy bass as cars with rims of value more than the vehicle they're on pull up for 15 minutes in front of my house. Then an occupant runs across the street into the always dark house, returns 5 or 10 minutes later and drives away. Then 15 minutes later, the process repeats. All night.

So far as I could tell the occupants were the crack-whore, her drug dealer boyfriend (and pimp) and another younger girl that clearly had a set of regular johns showing up. It's remarkable how much the first in that list resembled the picture above.

Although having druggies as neighbors is never desired, I have to admit watching the ever changing drama across the street was often amusing and sometimes exciting. Like having Cops right outside your window.