My phone is better than your phone

March 18th, 2008 - 4:08pm by Slye Fox

The ol' Razr finally died. A death that might have looked something like this. :) Anyway, on going to my online Cingular account to cash in on my insurance, I see I qualify for an upgrade. I just have to sell my soul to Cingular for another year.

After much deliberation and web hunting, I decided that the coolest of cool phones is the new AT&T Tilt 8925, otherwise known as the HTC Kaiser.

The home screen with a live rss
news feed from the Tribune.

Live weather.

My favorite applications.

Goobertech on my phone!

Opera-mini zooming in on
full view internet.

Here're a few of the phone's kick-ass features:

  • Runs Windows Media 6.0 - that means you can add nearly limitless applications and view any file type. Just like desktop windows. Unlike the iPhone which traps you with what it comes with.
  • Built in GPS - coupled with google maps, an unrivaled direction system. No need for the Hudson Atlas anymore.
  • Wi-fi and HSDPA - which means the internet is very fast and when near any wi-fi hotspot, free.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard - with the nifty pull-out screen, texting is now that much faster.
  • 3 Megapixel camera - although I hardly ever use my phone to take pics, it's nice it's there.
  • micro SD card slot - never ending memory.
  • Auto-updating - with the suite of apps I've installed, they all update themselves automagically. New emails, weather and rss news feed are all instantaneous.
  • USB hookup is plug and play through Windows Explorer on my computer. And as a bonus, charges while plugged in.

The phone came bundled with all sorts of bloatware and free trial crap from Cingular, so the first thing I did was roach it and then a hard reset to clean it out. A couple of forums I found detail all the info needed for this process and are an excellent resource for tweaking the Tilt.

Here's how I modified the goober-phone...

After the hard reset I followed Jenn's 10 step process.

  • Clean out the Cingular branded junk as told above.
  • Install a new home screen - Jenn's right, the default is awful. The HTC Home Plugin does a nice job of prettying things up.
  • HTC Home Customizer adds a clever little program to customize the layout of the new homepage.
  • Skin the phone calling page with the Black Dialer Skin.
  • Install KaiserTweak in order to modify registry values.
  • Install Opera-Mobile to view webpages full size. Far more supreme than the default Internet Explorer packaged with the phone.
  • Enable HSDPA - this is off by default and is definitely the connection to use if you've an unlimited data plan like me. Way faster than Cingular's 3G network.
  • Sync my gmail account. Since gmail supports imap, this was a snap. Now when I get a new email, my phone gets a copy too. And if I reply from the phone, gmail updates itself automatically.
  • Install Google Maps to work with the built in GPS.
  • Install PocketCM's Contacts - this clever little bit threads conversations like the image below.
  • Install PocketCM's Calendar - although new and not fully functional yet, this program is clearly the way to go since it'll soon sync with my google calendar.
  • Games! I downloaded and installed Aces Blackjack and Championship 500.
  • Download MyMobiler for my laptop and desktop PC. This nifty program let's me fully run the program on my computer's desktop and snap all these lovely screenshots. I dare anyone to text faster than I can when hooked to the PC.

File explorer.

Google maps with
real time GPS.

Sid in my phone!

500 card game.


Windows Media Player.
Music and videos - any format.

Threaded conversations.

And it makes phone calls.