The Rabbit is clear! Others are on the road to recovery.

February 22nd, 2008 - 8:09pm by Mom

All is quiet on the western front! Kevin had his 3 month battery of tests yesterday (Thursday). At his afternoon visit with the oncologist, none of the scan results were in yet, but the labs looked good. His ANC is still only 1.6, but that is to be expected with his immune system still rebounding from the transplant.

Dr. Bendel just called a few minutes ago with the results of the scans. The CT was all clear. The PET was still skewed with "brown fat", despite the Valium and warming blankets prior to the test which should prevent it from showing up on the scan. The only thing this hinders is that where the brown fat shows up, there is the potential that it can hid something since it covers areas making them more difficult to read. The PET did show inflammation in Kevin's sinus areas which we expected because of the massive sinus infection he battled through the holidays and is still recovering from. The right femur hip bone still shows hot, but less then the scan 3 months ago, which means it certainly isn't cancer or it would be increased by now, not lessened. No one really knows what is causing this area to show hot, but Dr. Bendel thinks it is just an area also recovering from the trauma of the transplant process and will eventfully not be compromised at all. SO, the beast is conquered!!

Kevin is taking full advantage of living life to the fullest! He will be snowboarding in Colorado over spring break in March. He will be spending a month in Spain with some fellow Johnnies for May-term to complete his Spanish requirement. He gets back from Spain on June 20th, and we'll be graced with his company for a modest 3 weeks before he ventures out to Australia for a 4 month study abroad program from July 21st to November 26th. Lucky him, he gets to do the traveling while Dick and I get to do the paying! But he did earn this space in the sun!

Ryan managed to pick up Influenza A and spend 4 hours in ER on Thursday. He has missed work the past few days and still sounds like death warmed over. This is a nasty flu that hits like a jack hammer and makes you feel like you were run over by a Mac truck. Kevin's uncle, Fred, is currently at the U of M hospital and underwent a 7 hr surgery on Thursday (Whipple Procedure) for removal of a pancreatic tumor. Surgery went well and all indications are that it was contained and successfully removed, eliminating the need for future chemo or radiation. So Thursday was quite the day -- one of the few you are happy to see come to a close.