They say I've got a disease

February 22nd, 2008 - 4:47pm by Slye Fox

So this is total ass-ville. I've been feeling lousy pretty much since breathing the dusty air of the DECC over New Years. Then I'd feel better, then I'd be sick again -- on a two week revolving schedule. One time I went to bed on Sunday and didn't get out until Wednesday at some point -- missed work for a week.

Well those symptoms hit me like a wall again two days ago, so this time I went to the doctor. After 3 hours of waiting and one hour of testing (blood samples, chest x-ray), he told me I have influenza flu and prescribed me with the heavy hitters. The pharmacist said, "Boy, you must really be sick to have all this!" Then I think she formed a cross with two fingers and slowly backed away.

So now I'm on drugs, not really feeling better, but at least the cough is suppressed a bit. I'm so tired and worn out, that I can't even keep me head up to watch movies.

:( :( :(