Sid's top 11 most favorite dog toys

January 30th, 2008 - 2:52pm by Slye Fox
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Well -- actually this is a list of all of Sid's toys. Nicely cataloged here in case an insurance claim is needed or burglers thieve away what Sid considers valuable in the middle of the night. (Every noise heard outside is presumed to be these burglers and Sid barks loudly to scare them away.)

The important qualities Sid looks for in his toys are durability and chew-ability. And bonus points if it has a squeaker! They must taste good after multiple chewings and hold up to constant tug of wars without loosing parts. So far the following have stood the test of time.

1.Purple Lizard
Sid won this at Pug-O-Ween with his Yoda costume.

2.Tennis Ball
Fun to chase and squeaks when bitten. It gets hidden often though, due to incessant squeaking whilst chomping.

3.Mr. Hopkins Greenfrog
Definitely one of Sid's favorites. Mr. Greenfrog is the victim of many attempts to rip is limbs off in tug of war.

4.Purple Chomper
A favorite for fetch. Like a football, it bounces in random directions when it lands and is easy to grab on the run.

5.Mean Kitty
Another common tug of war victim. Mean Kitty gets extra chomping just for being a cat.

6.Mr. Hedgehog
Sid prefers to keep this one just for chewing on. The nose is especially resilient and is the focus of much attention.

I don't know what kind of super-plastic this is made of, but even Sid is having a hard time chewing through this one. He's got a start, though.

8.Heaver Beaver
The beaver has become more popular as more rope is loosed. Also a favorite for tug of war.

9.Loopy Guy
Often ignored, but once in a while gets gnawed for hours while Sid tries to remove a loop.

10.The Kong
The Kong is only popular when a treat is hiding inside. Then it becomes Sid's favorite.

11.Nasty Ass Bone
By far Sid's most prized possession. This thing is often hiding high on an unreachable shelf lest we must listen to a constant chorus of chomp, schlumpf, gnaw, smack, smack... lick, snarf, munch...

January 31, 2008 - 1:07am
Miranda says:

Sid actually looks like he's smiling in that picture! Hope you're both well! (Gromit would have destroyed all of those...except maybe the kong. He's a moose.)