LEGO celebrates 50th Anniversary

January 29th, 2008 - 10:46am by Slye Fox
Tags: hobby legos

I can't let this go by without mention.

I got my first LEGO set for Christmas when I was 8. Each year since then I've gotten another set, (and some in between.) Starting with that basic building set and moving through a few space and town sets, I quickly graduated to the Expert and Technic sets with the gears and bricks with holes. I'd spend countless hours surrounded by piles of parts building elaborate vehicles with as many moving working parts as possible. It's quite possibly responsible for where I am now -- eleven years as an engineer. :) Still playing with gears, but now building machines out of steel and aluminum "LEGOs".

The best models in my opinion are the large car chassis sets. There are 6 of them in all and I have all but the first two sets. In fact, just this last Christmas I got the latest chassis set (the one on top). About 6 hours later, it was complete and now joins the other Ferrari on my counter to scare potential dates with my geekiness. And if that doesn't work I can always serve a cocktail with LEGO ice. :)

Sid likes LEGOs too, but his purposes aren't inline with recommended building techniques. He prefers their flavor.