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December 17th, 2007 - 5:06pm by Slye Fox
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The camera was busy this weekend! I even managed to fill up the flash card. Don't want anyone to miss these pics so go peek at your leisure:

Christmas at CAMP
Christmas at CAMP
Jeff Olson hosted a Holiday Cabaret evening at CAMP bar. Eleven talented singers joined Jeff on stage (including yours truly) for a wonderful night of Christmas music. Hiawatha Light Rail
Hiawatha Light Rail
Neither Kari, Bob nor I had ridden the Light Rail yet. So after brunch, we did the whole trip from Mall of America to Downtown and back. With a stop for a drink at Hard Rock. :)
Betsy's Birthday
Betsy's Birthday
Everybody got "leid" at Betsy's Hawaiian birthday party. The punch flowed freely and alcohol induced moments of clarity led to much philosophical chatter and speculation. Birthdays at Nyes
Birthdays at Nyes
After stopping in to see Joy and Scott, I was off to Nyes to celebrate both Jeannine's and Dave's birthday. We had quite the time -- as usual.