The Wedge Co-op

December 2nd, 2007 - 5:43pm by Slye Fox

I joined the Wedge today. And that makes me happy. I love the whole idea behind it. If you're ignorant, a co-op means that one is part owner of the company. In other words, I'm now a stock holder of the Wedge grocery store. Okay -- that sounds fancy and such, but in reality it really means I simply choose to pay more for my groceries and eat organically. Then, once a year in June, they send me a check of that year's profit sharing. Last year it was ~$43.

So forget all that. What interests me is that the Wedge is certified organic. Think "year round Farmer's Market". If you've had the pleasure of having a steak from the local Farmer's Market or bringing home a fresh basket of produce from such, you know what I'm talking about. It's healthier, truer to a greener and more basic form of subsistence, and in some small way -- better for the environment. (There's so much less packaging and what exists is at least recyclable.) :) And it really does taste better. Try it and see sometime.

Although I sort of feel like my wallet was just raped, (I bought all the missing kitchen essentials today), I'm content in the knowledge that I again have a well stocked kitchen, that the money I paid for it goes to the small organic farmers filling the store, and back to me and the other members. Screw you -- Cub Foods, Rainbow, Lunds, Byerly's and others. Forget you -- Super-Target and Super-Walmart and Sam's Club. No more chemically enhanced, ultra-violet light grown, more paper and plastic than food wrapped items for me. I've always enjoyed spending an extra dollar on something knowing I'm helping to support the little man, the family business, and the independent. In a way it's a little like a tip for the extra service entailed and it's certainly money well spent.

And so I embrace my eco-friendly grocery world with open arms. I just don't have the hipster glasses to go with it. (Although the tattoos and piercings help me blend in.) ;) And it goes well with my MPR membership, don't ya think?