Pug Soup

November 12th, 2007 - 3:35pm by Slye Fox
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At least that's what the litter kinda looked like all piled in the corner of their play-pen jostling for attention. Adorable.

Since I've moved to Jon De Vaal's old place (tons of man-space now), Sid has become lonely. Apparently the little guy has really bonded with me and has made it clear the week I've been gone. So we've decided that Sid would probably be happier living with me. That means I've a got a new roommate. Wish I could teach him to fetch beer from the fridge and shovel the snow from the sidewalk! And Mira is happy with this arrangement, too. After all, she doesn't want me to get lonely either.

So to fill the void, Jen and Mira have gone shopping for a new pug -- cause they can hardly be expected to go without one of the cute little creatures. Jen found a breeder through the pug meetup group and we drove out to the middle of nowhere last night to see them.

There were five of them and one little black female was still available. Mira fell in love with all of them instantly -- who wouldn't? After meeting the pug parents and all of the siblings, it was time to go. The wee pup still needs one more vet visit before she's ready to come home. (Maybe next weekend.) Mira's still thinking about names, but she is narrowing down the choices.

So with all of the visits back and forth, I'm sure Sid's gonna love it. In a way it's like an arranged marriage. But given Sid's enthusiasm, I'm sure one butt-sniff will be enough to have him on cloud nine.

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