October 31st, 2007 - 4:55pm by Mom

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus--and he delivered our Christmas present early this year!!! The test results from the bone marrow biopsy, bone scans and x-rays weren't in yet when we met with Linda Madsen RNCNP. We were on the way home when she called us with the results of the bone scans and x-rays--ALL CLEAR!! No signs of cancer in any of them. The bone marrow biopsy results related to Hodgkin's takes about 2 weeks to get back, but since the scans were all clear, there is really no doubt but that the bone marrow will be also.

We still don't really know why the PET scan on the 12th showed the left hip as a "hot" spot (meaning increased metabolic activity in that area). When the bone marrow results come back in a few weeks, it will totally rule out any cancer in that area. So the general consensus is that it could have been a stress fracture, or other bone disease related to the hit Kevin's bone density took from 2005 and then even more so this past 6 months. Since it is asymptomatic at this point, we will not be doing anything further unless he starts having pain or discomfort with the left leg.

Since today is Halloween, it was fun to see all the nurses on the various floors dressed up in costumes. While waiting for the oncologist on 4th floor this afternoon, we were visited by T.C., the MN Twins mascot and also Viktor, the MN Vikings Mascot. Being a passionate fan of football rather then baseball, the presence of Viktor was of much greater significance. Some little known facts about Victor that were made known to us today:

  • He was born in A.D. 960 (holding up quite nicely for his age).
  • His favorite pastimes are "Bear trapping, Lion taming and Cheese grating"!

He has his work cut out for him this season!