Hot Spot in the Hip

October 13th, 2007 - 12:07am by Mom

Kevin and I left at 5:45 this morning for the long commute to Children's Hospital for his 3 month post treatment tests. The PET Scan was at Abbott. The CT Scan, labs, and Pulmonary Function Tests and visit with Dr. Bendel were all at Children's. After the tests were all completed, we visited with Kevin's friend, Heidi, who is in the midst of her heavy chemo treatments before receiving her stem cell transplant next week. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she battles the beasties this next month. With her indomitable spirit, I know she will prevail!

Just before Kevin left to go back to SJU at 9 tonight, we received a call from Dr. Bendel with the test results. She called from her home, bless her heart. I'm so glad she called while Kevin was still here so we could both talk to her. She said the CT Scan was totally clear. But the PET Scan showed a "hot spot" on Kevin's left hip. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is cancer, but that this area has rapidly dividing cell activity. This could be caused by a stress fracture on the femor (hip bone), or some other bone disease process, or bone cancer. Since Hodgkin's starts in the lymph nodes, there is a possibility that it could have spread from there to the bone marrow and into the bone. Life can never just be simple!! DARN!!

So now we are faced with some choices. We could just wait and see for 6 weeks or more and then repeat the PET Scan to see if the area is clear, OR, we could go next week and do a hip x-ray, bone scan, and bone marrow biopsy. This would either totally rule out or confirm any cancer returning. By waiting 6 weeks and repeating the PET, if it is clear, it would eliminate making Kevin go through the bone marrow biopsy since there is some discomfort with that. But it also could mean that if there is any cancer it has 6 weeks to frolic around and spread to other areas. My feeling is to go and find out one way or another rather then worry about it for 6 weeks. But it is Kevin's decision to make. We will think about it over the weekend and decide by Sunday.

I really don't think life would be so cruel as to throw such a curve ball at him again. With all of the poison that was pumped into his system in May, I really can't believe that any beastie cells could be back already--what does it take to annihilate these buggers?

I'll let everyone know what the decision is after the weekend. Just keep him in your prayers and send "happy positive thoughts" our way!