Viruses and Snot

September 18th, 2007 - 3:48pm by Slye Fox
Tags: illness Mira

It's that time of year again. Little kids go to hang out with other little kids and bring home a schoolyard version of Ebola or the Nimda virus.

Mira's been out all weekend. Her cough sounds like a cross between a phlegm-launcher and someone sucking on their athsma respirator. Poor thing. She gets 20 hours a day of Nickelodeon because the coughing keeps her awake.

Then Bob came down with it, so we canceled our Sunday brunch plans.

Now I've got the shit. Damn-it-all-anyway. Effin' viral infection that you can't do a damn thing about. Nasty, creepy, snot producing, booger infested nose-swamp. Eight boxes of Kleenex a day, Dayquil, no energy or brain power and worst of all -- no beer. :( Being sick sucks and a sinus infection is worse. So back to bed for all of us.

(How did Jen avoid the plague?)