Feeling much better.

June 25th, 2007 - 8:39pm by Mom

It has been wonderful just living normal life for the past few weeks. Kevin is feeling better each day and back to doing fun things with his friends. Energy, weight, and cell counts are still low, but improving each week. His labs are now drawn at CentraCare each Thurs. After consultation with Dr. Bendel, radiation has been ruled out! There were grave concerns about increasing the damage already done to the lungs and heart from the radiation received in 2005. Both Kevin and I were relieved.

His first battery of post treatment tests are scheduled for Jun 13th. He will have the PET Scan at Abbott, Labs, CT Scan, Cardiac ECHO and Pulmonary Function Test all at Children’s, then see Dr. Bendel and Linda Madsen. So it will be a full day. We won’t know the results of the PET and some of the other tests by the time we meet with Dr. Bendel, so it will most likely be the 14th before I let everyone know the results. Keep sending positive happy thoughts and prayers Kevin’s way for good results!!