20th Birthday

June 3rd, 2007 - 5:20pm by Mom

Recovery is progressing in the right direction finally! Kevin is feeling better today and can actually navigate the stairs without panting. The debilitating fatigue is starting to lift. His taste buds are also starting to come back--they were totally fried by the chemo. Yesterday for the first time in quite a while, Kevin could actually taste some of the food he was eating. It will take some time for the chemo taste to totally leave his system, but at least some flavor can now be enjoyed! He still has a bird sized appetite, but hopefully that will also increase soon. We need to put some meat on those bones--as my mother used to say!

Kevin will turn 20 tomorrow!! Ryan, Jen, and Mira are coming up to help celebrate his birthday. Kevin has already mastered challenges in his brief 19 years that few of us ever face in an entire lifetime. My wish and hope is that the rest of his life is filled with health and happiness!