Profound and utter fatigue

June 1st, 2007 - 9:46pm by Mom

Profound and utter fatigue continues to plague Kevin. He pants when just walking across a room. I needed to go to St. Paul Children's Hospital today related to 2 premature infant referrals. I had already rescheduled the meeting multiple times and couldn't put it off any longer. I really felt guilty leaving Kevin today when he was feeling so lousy.

Option Care came to draw labs while I was gone and the nurse was very concerned. Lab results showed the WBC significantly higher then yesterday--from 3.6 to l8.7. The ANC had also risen dramatically. Option Care called me and we all agreed Kevin must be fighting an infection--why else would the counts raise that much in one day. When I got home at 4:15, I called down to Abbott's oncology unit. The oncologist wasn't convinced that Kevin was brewing an infection because he doesn't have a temperature. Evidently post transplant people will always have an elevated temperature if they are battling an infection. The dramatic rise in the cell counts could be related to the Leukin. I was told sometimes the new stem cells do proliferate in spurts causing some very high readings some days. When this happens, it will usually make the person feel lousy. We were instructed to take Kevin to ER only if he starts running a temp and/or becomes short of breath when just sitting rather then when walking. So hopefully this is just those baby stemmies frolicking around while they are trying to set up housekeeping.

And, for those of you who may have been concerned, my short affair with Ronnie McD is over! I found him not nearly as cuddly or lovable as Dick. Dear Ronnie also had somewhat of a childish personality which would not have been compatible with Kevin who has given up happy meals quite some time ago!