Counts are up!

May 27th, 2007 - 4:50pm by Mom

The stubborn buggers are on their way up!! Today the WBC was up to 400--which is the number they need to actually have an accurate count. From here they hopefully will be coming up fast. The ANC (which is the actual immune system indicator) is still non-existent, but it hopefully will make it's grand entrance soon. When the cells start getting over 1000, we're told the nasty mucosities will leave him as suddenly as it has come. Not to be a bad host, but this is one visitor Kevin will be very delighted to see leave his abode.

He is still on ice chips and anticipating his dinner menu with much impatience. By now his hunger buds are causing quite the uproar! He still is on the high dose of Dilaudid but continues to have throat pain--aggravated with talking. Since he has been on his ice chip menu the abdominal discomfort has subsided.

Some of Kevin's buddies from St. Cloud came for a visit last evening. Thanks guys!! You provided a healthy dose of much needed invigoration.

Dick and I met Ryan, Jen, Mira, and some of their friends at the Downtowner for brunch again today. Ryan came back with us to visit Kevin. Hopefully this is the last weekend he has to spend in the hospital!!