Quick Memorial Day Weekend Update

May 26th, 2007 - 2:11pm by Mom

Kevin is still sleeping, so I thought I'd post a blog now rather then wait until this evening. Since he has been restricted to only ice chips at noon yesterday, his stomach has settled down somewhat. His WBC's have gone up to 200 today, but we were told by the oncologist this morning that may be a false reading. When the WBC's are this low, the readings are just a broad indicator, can't be totally accurate until the count is up to 400. The hemoglobin came up to 9 after the infusion yesterday, and platelet's are still hanging in there at 15. NO infusions needed today. That is good, since they always come with their own side-effects.

I am hoping when Kevin is ready to join the world of the living this afternoon, I can coax him into a game of scrabble with Dick and I--something to take his mind off of his discomfort. He won't have much energy, but that will even the playing field in our favor! At our age it is hard to compete with a SJU honors student! We need all the advantages we can get!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!!