Starting to feel better.

May 23rd, 2007 - 12:52pm by Mom

Good news!! When we arrived at the hospital this morning, Kevin was awake and alert!! He is feeling and looking a little more human today. He is more comfortable with the higher dose of Dilaudid that was initiated yesterday and the itching is effectively being managed with the Benadryl. His temperature was down and he looked better then he has looked for the past few days--eyes weren't as sunken in and the grey pallor was again replaced with the pale yellow. Also, the WBC is starting to rise!! It was at 0.1 today--small improvement, but at least in the right direction. Platelets were also up to 15 today, so no transfusion will be needed unless he spikes a high temp. I received a call from Children's Hospital yesterday. Kevin's team--Dr. Bendel, Linda Madsen RNNP, and Sue Perdie RN--misses him and wants to come over for a visit. They are going to try to come today before Dick and I need to head back to St. Cloud in the later afternoon. I know Kevin will enjoy seeing them--they always do wonders to lift his spirits!

Dick and I will both need to report to much neglected jobs tomorrow, but will be heading back to Abbott Friday morning. The goal is still to be able to get Kevin home soon after the Memorial Day weekend--or at least by his birthday.