Counts still dropping!

May 21st, 2007 - 5:01pm by Mom

The counts are still dropping!! Today, the WBC's were still 0, the hemoglobin was down to 7 and the platelets dropped from 10 to 7--despite the 10 platelet units that were transfused yesterday. Kevin received another 2 units of platelets today as well as 2 units of packed cells to bring the hemoglobin up--4 blood transfusions altogether so far today. With his platelets at this low level, they are keeping Kevin in bed--don't even want him to try to get up to shower today because of the high risk of internal bleeding if he would fall or bump into something. Not that he even has the energy to get out of bed anyway today.

When we got here this morning, he was having increased itching over his entire body--some was a by-product of the dilaudid, but also exacerbated with the blood transfusions which also can cause itching. The Benadryl was increased with minimum effectiveness. To try to keep the itching under control, the oncologist decreased the dulaudid drip dosage--since they couldn't stop the blood transfusions. To compensate for the increased pain that resulted from the lower dilaudid dose, the lidocaine mouthwash was increased to every 3 hours with the "magic mouthwash" in between--which has been helping.

The Reflexologist is with Kevin right now. He has been coming 3 times a week to give Kevin a massage, foot rub, and some guided imagery. With the platelets this low, he hasn't been able to give Kevin the body message because of risk of causing internal bleeding, but according to Kevin, the foot massage is a very good second. Kevin is so fatigued with the Benadryl and exhaustion yesterday and today, that he keeps falling asleep in the middle of eating--often with the spoon halfway to his mouth. Needless to say, there was more jello and pudding (about the only things that are still going down) on his shirt then in his mouth yesterday evening. He had a good time with the nurse who was ribbing him about it--he still has his sense of humor. He is also starting to talk in his sleep today--hallucinating from utter exhaustion combined with the narcotics.

On the positive side, he has been able to keep the infections at bay so far!! Maybe he'll be the exception to the rule and get through the whole process without acquiring a serious infection!! We can always hope!