The Fox visits the Rabbit - Finally!

May 20th, 2007 - 3:21pm by Mom

The WBC's were still at 0 today, the platelets were 10 and the hemoglobin was 8. It is hard to fathom that the cell counts can be that low and the body still function. Hopefully this is the lowest point, and they will start climbing soon. Kevin was infused with 10 units of blood this morning to increase the hemoglobin and platelets. His temperature is still hovering around 99.8°, but they do not seem overly concerned at this point since it isn't high enough to indicate an infection.

With the cells this low, Kevin has no energy and is the picture of total fatigue. He takes his small water battle to get a drink, but falls asleep with it in his hand. Hopefully he will be revitalized somewhat with the blood transfusion this morning--it is now 2 pm and it hasn't happened yet. He continues to need heavy dilaudid to manage the pain from the mucositis. It is painful to watch him try to eat--each swallow is a feat worthy of climbing a mountain. This journey has been rough on Kevin's mind and body, but he continues to impress me. He remains very knowledgeable and makes good decisions regarding the treatments that he can control and is also very protective of his environment--doing everything in his power to decrease the risk of infection.

Ryan was finally able to visit today--he has been battling a huge sinus infection since Kevin has been admitted and is only now at the non-contagious stage. Jen is working today so their friend, Kelly, came along and was kind enough to snap some family pictures which I'll post tomorrow. Kevin also had a call from Father Rene from Tommy 4 at SJU. He will also be up today for a visit. He has a great rapport with the guys on Tommy 4 and Kevin is looking forward to seeing him again.

Ryan is involved with a community choir which is performing their spring concert at Prospect Park later this afternoon. Dick and I will go over to hear it--they always do such a great job. It will be good to lose myself in some good music away from the hospital for a few hours, even though I will feel guilty doing it!

May 21, 2007 - 1:39pm
Slye Fox says:

And those pictures are posted, click on the gallery link.